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A little history ... In January 2017 a public Camarillo City Council (CCC) meeting was held to discuss granting a "REFERRAL" to New Urban West Inc. (NUWI) who requested the re-zoning and building of new homes on the Camarillo Springs Golf Course. The new golf course owner is Chameleon LLC and they had sent this message to the CCC that same evening via their development company NUWI; "We expect an approved REFERRAL this evening or we will construct a chain link fence around the golf course and let it go to weeds." The CCC denied the referral to NUWI as they failed to even bring a plan to the meeting. The CCC did keep the door open for NUWI stating they could return for consideration if they had a complete plan  and if they had the support of the residents of Camarillo Springs. 
In September of 2017 an agent of NUWI then called Camarillo Springs Community and Communication Advisory Committee and the hopeful future contractor returned to Camarillo City Council with a plan. After much debate and conditions, the Council approved the "REFERRAL" to study the viability of the plan. To this day the plan hasn't progressed past the DRAFT E.I.R. stage and is being purposely delayed by NUWI as it's clear the plan and it's support are enemic.

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