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A little history ... In January 2017 a public Camarillo City Council (CCC) meeting was held to discuss granting a "REFERRAL" to New Urban West Inc. (NUWI) who requested the re-zoning and building of new homes on the Camarillo Springs Golf Course. The new golf course owner is Chameleon LLC and they had sent this message to the CCC that same evening via their development company NUWI; "We expect an approved REFERRAL this evening or we will construct a chain link fence around the golf course and let it go to weeds." The CCC denied the referral to NUWI as they failed to even bring a plan to the meeting. The CCC did keep the door open for NUWI stating they could return for consideration if they had a complete plan  and if they had the support of the residents of Camarillo Springs. 

Faced with the loss of their golf course, a self appointed group of male golfers declared themselves The Camarillo Springs Advisory Committee (CSAC). Convinced the golf course would never be approved for homes, this group worked with NUWI to keep the course open. They consulted on our behalf with NUWI to develop a plan which would give NUWI the new homes they wanted while keeping the golf course open during the referral and evaluation period (1-3 years). Their plan "temporarily" keeps 2/3 of the golf course (only 12 holes) open for golf. In return NUWI would build 248 homes on the other 6 holes. They needed homeowner's  support. Financed and supported by NUWI, the CSAC focused on the panicking homeowners along the fairway; about 150 homes out of 975. These homeowners were convinced; "We have no choice" as the course owner insisted he would turn his golf course into weeds if they don't support the compromised plan. In Sept. 2017 a fast tracked CCC meeting was held with less that 1 weeks public notice to discuss the "REFERRAL" of the NUWI development plan. NUWI and CSAC coached approximately 80 Camarillo Springs fairway homeowners from Camarillo Springs to the CCC meeting. They were present with matching green "vote yes" T-shirts and professional picket signs paid for by NUWI. It was a great offensive play and it appeared  they gave the CCC the impression that NUWI and their plan had the support of the community. That same night was established.

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