Where Are We Now?

⇒We've continue to do our homework.

⇒ We've met with The Camarillo Springs Redevelopment Advisory Committee. Referred below as Advisory Committee. 

⇒ We've studied the New Urban West Inc. (NUWI) proposed plans and are even on NUWI the golf course committee. 

⇒ We've spoken at Camarillo City Council meetings and attended all Advisory Committee (NUWI) meetings.

⇒ We've conducted many successful Community Awareness Meetings.

⇒ We've researched and submitted documentation to the City of Camarillo for the Environmental Impact Report.

⇒ We've tried to be fair and explore both views, but the bottom line is we can't justify NUWI's 248 (or more) homes          targeted to replace the recreation space and damage our community which we cherish.

The Camarillo Springs Redevelopment Advisory Committee (our opponents)

This group of Camarillo Springs  golfers emerged from the Camarillo Springs Men's Golf Club when it became known that Chameleon Springs LLC bought the Camarillo golf course for the purpose of building up to 900 homes. In order to keep the golf course operating until a construction plan was denied or approved by the City of Camarillo they formed an ad hock organization to preserve golf in Camarillo Springs. Quickly, these golfers became the NUWI spokesmen and communication link to the Camarillo Springs homeowners and the homeowner's unauthorized negotiator and advisor to NUWI. Note all of the mailers and printed hand outs you may have received from the Advisory Committee. Nowhere is NUWI or Chameleon LLC listed or mentioned. It's clear all the information comes from and is financed by NUWI, but they would not be held liable for any mis-statements or errors as the information was delivered by an ad hock group with no treasury, legality or authority. Also note they prefer to stay on the golf course subject and avoid discussions about the 248 proposed homes. Their most recent name was published as New Urban West Advisory Committee (Camarillo ACORN)

Oppose Camarillo Springs Building

"We Aren't Selling Anything; Nothing To Sell"

We are also an ad hock organization founded the same night NUWI was given permission by the Camarillo City Council to present a plan for study. It was clear there was opposition, but it just wasn't organized. That condition has been corrected and we now have 667 members. We have no benefactor as does the Advisory Committee, but we continue to grow and increase our influence in spite of our sparce treasury.

We're just homeowners like you within the Camarillo Springs gates who are so saddened by the NUWI and Advisory group's plans that we will take our time and effort to fight for our community and our homes. We can't be confident that anyone else will be as successful in winning as we can ourselves. Oh, we could use help. Could you help us?

  • We want the NUWI plan(s) denied in it's entirety
  • We want the 18 hole golf course to remain and operating
  • How? That's up to the owner; Not us, not the Advisory Committee or NUWI
  • No more new homes today or tomorrow on the Camarillo Springs Golf Course


Please join with us today and let's put this matter to bed.