We've met with The Golf Course Re-Development Community Advisor & Communication Committee (TGCRDCACC)

⇒ We've studied the New "Urban" West Inc. (NUWI) proposed plans. 

⇒ We've attended both the 1/2017 and 9/2017 Camarillo City Council meetings and NUWI's flood solution meeting.

⇒ We've even attended a formal presentation (and pep rally) of the NUWI proposed plan to the fairway homeowners.

⇒ We've tried to be fair and explore both views, but the bottom line is we don't want NUWI's 300 to 900 homes replacing our golf course nor the issues that they will cause our community. We don't need another Camarillo Springs disaster!


TGCRDCACC's & New Urban West's POINT: "The City Council will never approve the NUWI proposal as the studies for retaining flood control, wildlife nature reserve, traffic conditions, etc. will be too complicated and costly for NUWI to follow through and invest. Meanwhile, no changes will be made until the decision's made so we can play golf until NUWI backs out in 2-3 years."


  • We find it suspect that a company with the history and resources that New "Urban" West and Chameleon LLC have would buy a golf course with all these known challenges without previously studying the affordable solutions.
  • If NUWI is able to overcome the obstacles and if there's no obvious opposition there will be (at best) a 9 hole golf course with 300 more homes standing where the other 9 holes once were. The smaller golf course might be O.K. for some golfers, but who will be happy living with the problematic environmental results created by 300 new homes?
  • A degraded community burdened with 300 new homes is a big consequece to pay if we wrongly assume "we can play golf until NUWI backs out in 2-3 years". Who was negotiating our neighborhood with NUWI anyway? And why?

TGCRDCACC's & New Urban West's POINT: "It was always our primary objective to save golf in Camarillo Springs. The NUWI plan allows for a smaller golf course (at this time), refurbishing of the club house/restaurant, a dog park, abundant natural landscaping where the fairways once were and many other new features they're working on. What's not to like?"


  • Let's not lose sight of the elephant in the room; The NUWI plan also requires 300 small single story "affordable" houses to be built on top of a flood plain. Perhaps they'll be able to divert the water, but it has to go somewhere.
  • One of the most impressive activities of the NUWI and TGCRDCACC's preparation was the diversion of discussion from 300 new homes and all the negatives that come from that plan to how they will "SAVE CAMARILLO SPRINGS GOLF". Everyone was talking about the golf course and not the wildlife which will be affected, the beauty of our open spaces which will be compromised, the potential traffic congestion, the potential for disease from chemicals deep in our soil, decline of property values, more people (tending to lead to more crime), etc.
  • That a smaller golf course will actually be built, a clubhouse refurbished and replacement landscaping installed are all suspect. Moreover, if a small golf course is built, can it be profitable enough to support itself, the clubhouse and the maintenance required for all the other features? The Camarillo City Council has many reservations about that issue and ordered NUWI to do additional studies in order to calm their concerns. NUWI has conceded that they will sell off the golf course and clubhouse/restaurant as soon as the 300 homes are finished. If there is no buyer, then what?

TGCRDCACC's & New Urban West's POSITION: "The NUW is the best choice given the circumstances."


  • Actually, we've had many fairway homeowners say to us of the NUWI west plan; "We have no choice!"
  • We do have a choice. The same choice we've alway's had; stand firm in opposing the zoning change and there will be no new homes. The golf course and clubhouse issues are just diversions to build new homes. Marketing 101.


Please join with us today and let's put this matter to bed.